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New Advanced Heart Failure Unit

New Advanced Heart Failure Unit


At the Hospital Universitario Sanitas La Zarzuela we have d a new unit exclusively dedicated to patients with heart failure.

Heart failure is a clinical syndrome characterised by the appearance of symptoms such as dyspnoea, fatigue, intolerance to exercise or swelling (oedema). The origin of this disease is the loss of capacity of the heart to pump blood, something which can occur for a very diverse range of reasons (myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathies of different origins, hypertensive cardiopathology, etc.).
It performs monographic consultations specifically dedicated to patients with heart failure, especially when its management is difficult, has entailed several hospital admissions, there is dys of the left ventricle, or more specific or advanced cardiological treatments are necessary.

  • Heart failure consultation with a specialist cardiologist.
  • Completion of basic tests: blood tests, thorax X-ray, electrocardiogram, etc.
  • Adjustment of pharmacological treatment.
  • Education on health.
  • Training in self-care.
  • Remote telephone monitoring.
  • Assessment of comorbidities (e.g., anaemia, COPD, diabetes) and referral to other specialists for a t approach.
  • Infusion of intravenous drugs (e.g. iron) in the outpatients facility.
  • Completion of basic cardiological tests: electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, etc.
  • Referral to other units of the Cardiology department for the completion of advanced cardiological tests: MRI, cardiac catheterisation, electrophysiological study, transoesophageal echocardiogram, etc.
  • Referral to other units of the Cardiology department for advanced cardiological therapies: arrhythmia ablation, percutaneous revascularisation, fitting of devices (e.g. defibrillator), etc.
  • Participation in clinical trials.

All patients who, referred from other consultations, A&E or the inpatients ward, specific care for their heart failure. Patients previously diagnosed with heart failure who, at their own initiative, request an assessment or monitoring in this unit can also be assessed.

  • To provide specialist care to highly complex patients.
  • To reduce re-admission of patients.
  • To improve the quality of life and prognosis of patients.

The monitoring is conducted with in-person visits in consultations and regulated telephone calls. The frequency thereof will be set on an individual basis according to the needs of each patient.

Chief Physician: Prof. J.L. Zamorano
Head. Dr A. Esteban

Make your appointment: 902 102 400

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