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Pioneering Technology

Pioneering Technology


We are committed to offering the best technology for patient care.

Sanitas Hospitals is focusing on innovation and pioneering technology with the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, such as:

  • The Da Vinci Surgical System offers surgeons a tool allowing them greater precision and improved technique and skill in performing complex, minimally invasive surgery It is a robotic surgical platform designed to perform all types of complex procedure via 1-2 cm incisions, called “operation portals”. A great number of procedures have been performed, including general urology, gynaecology, thoracoscopic and thoracoscopically assisted cardiotomy procedures.

    This provides more advantages for specialists and patients: better visualisation, precision of the surgeon in dissection, mechanics of the tools and stabilisation. And for the patients, reduction of complications rate and hospital stay.
  • Femtosecond laser for cataract surgery. This technology allows the operation to be performed with eyes shut through an automated process, minimising as far as possible the risks with respect to conventional techniques. Patients benefit from greater safety, painless interventions, faster recoveries and better results by reducing the need to wear glasses afterwards.
  • Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS). This makes it possible to approach the treatment of certain ENT tumours and snoring with greater surgical precision. Some of its most notable advantages are:
    • Lack of skin incisions: better cosmetic results.
    • No need for tracheotomy in oral cavity and larynx tumours.
    • Better visualisation: 3D imaging.
    • Reduction of manual tremor.
    • Greater surgical precision.
    • Greater manoeuvrability in confined spaces (oral cavity, larynx): multi-articulated instruments.
    • Reduction of fatigue of the surgeon.
    • Reduction of surgical bleeding and post-surgery pain.
    • Low rate of post-operative infections.

Technology is applied in the comprehensive service to our clients, in the processes in which it is d, in the integration of information and digital access to it, thanks to:

  • Virtual Paediatrics: consultation service offered free through the clients area of the company's website.
  • Online appointment: with this application, a new medical appointment can be accessed easily, and the existing appointments can be consulted or cancelled.
  • Patient call: by means of the installation of monitors in all our centres, the patient is advised of their turn to enter the consultation room by means of a number given to them at check-in. Each person is always assigned the same number, regardless of the specialism or Sanitas Hospitals centre they visit.
  • Online consultation of results: through a medical documentation logging service, clients can consult medical reports such as clinical or A&E analyses.
  • Appointment reminder: the patient is reminded of the details of their appointment as well as of the possibility of cancelling it via text message.
  • Live online waiting time consultation for A&E.
  • Online 2nd consultation in the gynaecology and obstetrics, oncology and paediatrics departments of the hospital.
  • Radiological network: Allows any radiologist in our network to analyse and issue reports on the radiological images stored in a single place.
  • Electronic medical history: All useful medical information is processed electronically in an online environment, which can be accessed by all the doctors from any location. This makes it possible to speed up requests, analyses, consultations, results, to share opinions and even generate reports instantly, making maximum use of the resources available, although separated geographically.


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