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Approximate waiting times in Accident and Emergency at the Hospital Universitario La Zarzuela
  • Generales0-15 min
  • Gineco-Obstétricas0-15 min
  • Traumatología15-30 min
  • Pediátricas0-15 min


We place at your disposal this new service enabling you to consult online in real time the waiting time for the different A&E services. The time indicated is the approximate average waiting time in the last hour for the A&E services indicated.

The Accident & Emergency department of the Hospital La Zarzuela is made up of a multidisciplinary team in order to give each patient the best quality of care possible. We care for medical/surgical pathologies in children and adults, and trauma and gynaecological/obstetric pathologies.

The objectives of the A&E department aim to ensure that the lives of our patients are "longer, healthier and happier", as well as improving the professional quality of the staff working in it. Therefore, we try:

  • Constantly to analyse the ing and organisation of the unit in order to offer/obtain the maximum quality of care and maximum safety of our patients, improving:
    1. care times according to the level of severity
    2. the information and communication given to patients and those accompanying them
    3. waiting times for ward admission and care during this period
  • To attain a position of leadership within the organisation, strengthening the value of the people and the team, based on commitment and work, in order to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our patients.
  • To formalise agreements and partnerships with other care units in order to improve the position and expansion of our own.
  • To develop an attractive training plan in harmony with the needs and objectives of the department.
  • To develop a research and knowledge dissemination plan in areas outside the unit.
  • To focus on innovation and creativity.

This is the procedure that the patient will follow in A&E, step by step:

  • First, reception and registration at A&E admissions.
  • An initial consultation will be carried out by trained nursing staff who will determine the level of severity, currently using the Spanish Triage System (SET, for the Spanish acronym), and assigning the most adequate specialist according to age, triage level and medical problem.
  • Next, the patient will be assessed by the medical staff in the corresponding area, who will establish the diagnostic/therapeutic approach.
  • After the initial medical intervention and depending on their medical problem, the patient may:
    1. be discharged from hospital, or
    2. kept under A&E observation for a better clinical control or completion of the diagnostic study, or
    3. admitted to a hospital ward.
  • The waiting time to receive medical care will depend on the pressure on the department at the time and on the severity of the problems.
  • Patients will go through both triage and the different areas accompanied by a single person (two if the patient is a minor).
  • During the assessment of the patient, complementary tests may be ordered, and the patient must await their turn in the waiting room or the examination area, according to medical criteria. If the diagnostic test is performed outside of the examination area, the person accompanying the patient will wait in the waiting room until it is performed.
  • Out of respect for the privacy of the other patients, the doors to the examination areas will remain closed and the individuals accompanying patients will be authorised to enter. For the same reason, they must be within the examination areas and not in the hallways.
  • Upon discharge, all patients will be given a medical report of their care or of their request for voluntary discharge.


Admission, access to certain specialist areas and tests will be by order of a doctor. Consult with your corresponding doctor.


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