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Paediatric Ophthalmology Unit (video-oculography)


Video-oculography is a new system that makes it possible to study all of the ophthalmologic and neurological diseases that affect ocular motility. In addition, it also allows diagnoses with no margin of error in cases an alteration of the patient's eye movements is suspected, such as in children with strabismus that are very difficult to diagnose with conventional medical methods.

The system analyses the patient's eye movements and measures (with excellent reliability) any deviations in their vision due to oculomotor deficiencies. This therefore s the Hess-Lancaster screen test, since it is able to detect deviations in eye movements with an extraordinary precision of 0.5 degrees.

The test, which is very comfortable for the patient, consists of analysing eye movement by using a computer-monitored image with a high resolution camera. It only lasts a few minutes and can be performed on patients age 4 and up.

The Hospital Universitario Sanitas La Zarzuela's Paediatric Ophthalmology Unit can both conduct* and interpret video-oculography tests.


The test is indicated especially in children to detect:

  • Strabismus
  • Reading disabilities
  • Other childhood illnesses


In adults it is indicated for:

  • Oculomotor palsy
  • Uncompensated phorias
  • Tropias
  • Accommodation/convergence insufficiencies.



Early detection of all of these illnesses, and indication of which type of medical or surgical treatment doctors should use for each patient.

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